Monday, April 13, 2009

It's Monday and I still have not posted Sunday's blog. This is why I have not started a blog... time.
Anyway. Easter Sunday. I think that this was the tastiest Easter I can remember. My sister and her husband presented a truly delicious meal.
We started with Pasatelli Soup. I could have just had that and been happy. My sister says she used fowl for her broth. I will have to try it because it has such a clean taste.
Next we had stuffed artichokes which were very tender with a light bread stuffing.
For the main course they served Pork Stuffed with pancetta and arugula. Wow. Perfection on a plate. Potatoes and Asparagus were served with the meat. Also there were these biscuits which I have to get the recipe for.
A cat has just settled in between me and my laptop making blogging impossible...
to be continued

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