Monday, July 20, 2009

Green Beans Part 3

Part One was the steamed green beans with dinner of Saturday night. Part 2 was last night. I made a Potato and Green Bean Salad to go with our Turkey Burgers. And tonight is one of my favorite dishes that my mom use to make. Marinara Sauce, Green Beans (which were steamed last night) and Poached Eggs.

You can use what ever type of marinara you have on hand. I had some in the freezer. I added the beans and heated it to a near boil. Dropped the eggs in one at a time. Covered the pan and reduced the heat to medium low. The eggs poach in the sauce and they took about 10 minutes.

Yesterday I made a stuffed bread out of whole wheat pizza dough and filled it with Prosciuotto, sautéed Zucchini, Provolone and Fontina cheese. It was prefect for dunking in the sauce.


Velva said...

Stuffed bread with meats and dunked in marinara sauce is delicious!

Karine said...

Such a great ides! It looks yummy!