Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Perfect Frittata...

This was really good frittata. I read a frittata recipe made with potatoes and it said to boil the potatoes and then slice the them once they are cool. This something I have never done.

So I boiled the potatoes and then sliced them. The other ingredients were zucchini, onions and prosciutto. Eggs and Fontina, Parmesan and Ricotta cheeses.

We grilled the bread and it was good. The bread was crispy and the potatoes were crispy on the outside and cooked perfectly throughout. Even the zucchini was perfect, if I do say so myself.


velva said...

Looks like a great summer meal. All that is missing is a good salad and a glass of wine.

Lucia from Madison said...

Yes a salad would have been good. Of course I had the wine!