Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whole Foods To The Rescue!

What a long strange week this has been. Today I was on a search for low sodium prepared foods for my dad that could be microwaved. My sister and I and my niece bring meals, lots of meals over to him but he still reaches for the darn ramen noodles when he wants a quick lunch. And at 95 with a heart condition that is not the best choice. Luckily I found a nice selection of options for him.

 While at Whole Foods I picked up dinner for Chris and I. For Chris I got a piece of Chicken Parmesan and for myself I got Chicken Caprese. Some Roasted Fingerling Potatoes and Green Beans rounded out the meal.
Almost forgot... Happy Birthday to me. Well yesterday was my birthday. I had cake at work (thank you Julie!) and for dinner we ate at Friend's and Company. Wonderful food and a lot of laughs!

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