Monday, October 22, 2012

Chicken Bacon Ranch Bakes

Tonight's dinner is from the Frieda Loves Bread blog. These were very good but we had one request. That the next time they be made with a phyllo dough. Yeah I am married to a foodie! The dough came out quite good, very good actually but it was a little too much bread. Wait did I just type that something had too much bread! Phew I think I need to check my temperature. The filling was good. I would add more cheese next time.

Of course if there is a next time I will make a homemade ranch dressing. When I was picking up the bottle of dressing at the store I just heard a voice saying, "no make your own." And then I had the guilt of serving Chris a meal with a processed food in it. Love being Catholic!

Want to try this recipe... Click here.

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