Saturday, November 3, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I am typing this post from my sister's house. We lost power on Monday at 1:20pm. We had a lot of branches falling on our house throughout the storm but the house was not damaged. I had thought Irene was scary. But Sandy topped that storm.

Once it was over and we saw the reports from other areas of our town and state we realized that we were very lucky. Then when the images from New York and New Jersey came in it was shocking. So many people lost so much. Yes we are really inconvenienced by the power outage but it sounds and is petty compared to what others are facing.

If you can make a donation to the Red Cross please do.

I am sure there will be other donation opportunities for food, clothes, and other everyday necessities.

Here are some links with information on Hurricane Sandy donations -

CLOSET CLEANUP: 5 Tips For Donating To Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

7 Ways to Help Victims of Superstorm Sandy Online

Also if you visit your iTunes store there is a link located in the middle of the page on the right side to make a donation to the Red Cross.

Will be back soon with more dinner adventures. Stay safe.


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Whats Cookin Italian Style Cuisine said...

So glad your ok and the house isn't damaged this is a good deed your doing! Bless you.. We know all too well with the 4 storms in Florida 2004 we had over 40k in damage and lived out of boxes for months actually more than a year... I will always give to this cause being an ex victim.. thanks for the update... god bless you all .!