Monday, March 4, 2013

Minestra Maritata

Or as I like to call it - the stuff that dreams are made of!
This is the food that I grew up on. Minestra Maritata, Pasta Fagioli, Baked Macaroni, Chicken Cutlets. Nothing was processed. My big treat was a TV dinner once in a while. Morton's Fried Chicken Dinner, with the mashed potatoes and peas and carrots! Wow I loved that.

I guess I was very lucky to have a mom who made sure she knew exactly what we were eating. And she was frugal. When we had Minstra or Pasta Fagioli we had it for a number of nights. Which we will be doing this week!

I used the recipe from Cooking with Giuseppe, who cooks just like my mom did. This recipe results in what is the closest to my mom's minestra that I have found. I used escarole and kale and a beef shank, sausage and prosciutto ends. And I also added cannelini beans.

And of course always afraid it might not be enough I made a stuffed bread. Stuffed with Steak, onion and cheese... Kind of a Philly Cheese Bread, hold the peppers!

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