Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Chocolate Chip Cookie Lives On...

I witnessed the cutest thing today. My nephew was visiting from California with his wife and his son, Luca, who turned one in April. The first time Luca had chocolate was on his birthday. I have seen the video. It was love at first bite. I emailed the parents to find out if they thought he might be able to have some cookies. The Chocolate Chip Cookies. I sent them the recipe in case there were any allergy issues. The response was all clear!

Now when I walked in today and and said to Luca that I had cookies for him, he did not know what I was talking about. After dinner, my nephew brought him into the kitchen and opened the bag of cookies without the Rice Krispies. I had made a batch without the Rice Krispies and one batch with them.  He let Luca taste it and it was all over. My nephew had to hold the cookie so Luca would only take small bites. He was hooked. But he was okay with the one cookie.

Later I was getting ready to leave. I had brought over some dishes for a dip I had made and I put them back in my shopping bag, which the cookies had been in, and put the bag near the door. I was saying my good-byes and I said good-bye to Luca and he looked at the bag. He stopped and headed into the kitchen. He wanted to see if the cookies were still there. My sister had moved them to another bag which he discovered and seemed noticeably relieved.

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