Friday, October 18, 2013

Gnocchi with Sausage, Peppers and Spinach

Tonight's dinner had something for everyone. I had red peppers that I wanted to use up and spinach that was suppose to be used in a meal that did not happen this week. I had the gnocchi in the pantry so I thought I was all set. Then after work I decided to run out and pick up some sweet Italian sausage to add to the pan, for the meat lovers in the house.
I sliced the sausage and cooked it in large skillet. I added the thinly sliced peppers. When the peppers were tender I added some white wine and let that cook down and scraped up little bits of sausage from the pan. Then the spinach went into the pan and that cooked until it was almost wilted. I seasoned everything with salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and oregano.  I added the cooked gnocchi and a little of the pasta water.
There were no leftovers. Drats!

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