Monday, June 23, 2014

This is Our Hamburger

Well, I may not be allowed in the kitchen for long periods of time, the whole standing thing is not recommended. But I can be in there long enough to conjure up a burger that was deemed, "The Burger We Should Always Make." (Insert applause and cheers)

A couple of weeks ago I found a recipe that used bread and milk in a hamburger patty. I tried it and we liked it. This week, of course I could not find the darn recipe online. So I winged it and changed and adding to the ingredients.

I tore up slices of rye bread and soaked it in milk, as if making meatballs. I let it sit for a couple of minutes. Next I added the beef and then mixed in some A-1 steak sauce and horseradish sauce, just a little of each. I formed them into patties, indenting them in the center. Then tonight Chris grilled them and proclaimed them to be, "The Burger We Should Always Make."

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