Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014

Christmas is the one holiday when I like to prepare and consume too much food. It is a holiday that is packed with memories of delicious dishes prepared by so many amazing cooks that I have been fortunate to know. I try to recreate at least one or two of those memories each year to share with others or at least enjoy myself. This year I had a lot of delicious memories starting of course with Christmas Eve dinner at my sister's house. There was a lot of seafood, I was trying to keep count but stopped counting when the fried smelts were put on the table. Lots of good wine and of course cookies!
The Fish Sauce with Fresh Pasta. That would have been enough.
But then there more...
Stuffed Calamari.

Frittelle di Baccala

Baccala Salad, I like the spicy one!

 Fried Smelts!

Seafood Polpettes, my contribution to the dinner.

And wine...

And Christmas Cookies!

 Thank you to Lenore and Ralph for another memorable dinner!

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