Friday, December 26, 2014

Cappelletti and Salad

Eating the day after Christmas seems unnecessary. But we must eat. And I had to keep it light. One of the nice things about having Christmas dinner at our house is that my sister gives us a pot of Cappelletti. I love this soup so much. Tonight we had the soup with a salad. The salad consisted of green leaf and baby spinach. I picked up Cherry Tomatoes and fresh Blueberries. Everything else was leftover. There were roasted nuts, some of the homemade Ricotta and olives and mint that were not used for the Crostini. I used one of my new cookbooks for the salad dressing. A Lemon Vinaigrette from My Italian Kitchen by Luca Manfré. It was perfect for the day after the Christmas and Christmas Eve feasts!

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Catherine said...

Dear Lucia. That is perfect for after Christmas. I love the leftovers and a nice salad and of course all the leftover desserts.
Wishing you a very Happy New Year. xoxo Catherine