Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Club! And Anginetti Cupcakes!!

We read the book,We Are Called To Rise by Laura McBride. And I would recommend it, but the food was the main attraction for me at tonight's book club meeting.
Kelly treated us to quite a meal. Shrimp Jambalaya! Oh my! The flavors were spot on. I was so busy eating and enjoying the wine I did not get the recipe. Sorry! I will try to get it because I know Chris would love this.

And there were desserts. There was a Cannoli Dip. I have seen the recipe online but never tasted it. What could possibly be wrong with this. Nothing. It was perfect. My only complaint was that the bowl was placed in front of me and I had a hard time not going back for more, more than once. 
I brought over Nutella Swirl cookies and Carol brought cupcakes from Sugar Bakery. There was an Anginetti Cupcake. Yes, I said Anginetti Cupcake. And yes, it tasted just like an Anginetti Cookie! It was flavored with anise flavor instead of the orange flavor that I make my Anginetti cookies with. It was a cupcake I will be having again.
I am not sure if it was because it was the end of a long work week, but the wine, the dinner, the desserts and the conversations with friends but I do love Book Club!

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