Wednesday, August 24, 2016

There's No Crying In Baseball And No Meat in Pasta e Fagioli*

I think I may have finally found my favorite Pasta e Fagioli recipe. The best part is that was not from a recipe. I had cooked cannellini beans in the freezer along with some cooked pasta. All I needed was the sauce. And you know what sauce I made. Yes, that sauce. The Marcella Hazan Tomato, Onion and Butter Sauce. Oh, this was the perfect sauce for this and the flavor was spot on.  After I made the sauce I added the thawed pasta and beans. Seasonings were added, a little oregano and crushed red pepper. We had it with the bread that I made this weekend. True comfort food.

*Quote from Chris Borzillo, August 24, 2016.

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