Friday, February 9, 2018

A Little Baking

A perfect vacation day! I made Molded Cookies. No, not moldy, molded. A number of years ago,  Chris and I were in Vermont and I saw a ceramic cookie mold of cats. I thought it would look cute hanging on the kitchen wall. I did not even think to use it for baking. That was back in our first house. I was cleaning out a cabinet in the kitchen and found the cookie mold. Why not use it to make cookies? I looked for recipes on the internet and found on for Beautiful Brown Sugar Molded Cookies on Simple Bites Blog. The directions for using a cookie mold were most detailed in this post.
What a fun batch of cookies to make. I got exactly 2 dozen from the recipe, that never happens.
My only problem was the baking time. The cookies were thicker then I think they should have been. The next time I make them I may roll them out thinner.
The finished product was the cutest cookies! The flavor was very mild for a brown sugar cookie. Will I make the recipe again? Yes! Here is the link to the recipe - Beautiful Brown Sugar Molded Cookies.

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