Sunday, March 24, 2019

Sorry Mom But There is a New Sauce in Town

I can not believe that I have never made Bolognese Sauce before today. I have always made my Mom's Meat Sauce Recipe. For me, there was no other. Until today...

I made Lidia's Bolognese recipe. It was delicious. Truly delicious. Amazingly delicious. And for the pasta I made hand cut Pappardelle using the only pasta recipe I have ever used, the Tide and Thyme Recipe. The pasta was a perfect match for this sauce.

Flavorful and the blend of meats were perfect. It simmered for 3 hours on the stove. The final result was perfect. I hate to say it but this might become our regular sauce... sorry Mom...

Click here for Lidia's Bolognese Sauce Recipe.

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