Thursday, June 18, 2020

Pat's King of Steaks

Time - Quite a few years ago...Does it matter
Place - Philadelphia PA

The day was hot. We were in Pennsylvania for my niece's graduation from Villanova. We took a trip into Philadelphia to visit Pat's King of Steaks.

My nephew, Nicholas, gave us instructions on how to order. We made sure we had lines memorized.
It was love at first bite. The bread, the meat, the onions and why had I never had Cheez Whiz before!

During the next few years, my niece moved to Philadelphia to start her teaching career. My sister would pick me up at 7 AM on a Saturday morning. We would arrive in Philly around noon. We would pick up my niece and head to the King of Prussia Mall, AKA The Mother Ship. Shopping until the mall closed. Overnighted at The Macintosh Inn. Sunday mass at St. Mary's of the Mall. A quick stop back at the Mothership The Mall. We would bring Mary Lucia back to Philly stopping at Pat's King of Steaks to pick up subs for dinner back in CT. It was a way of life. Life was good. The subs were always good.

Fast forward a few years. Chris mentions that we will be receiving a delivery and I will have to alter my dinner menu on the day it arrives. I get no reply to the question, "What did you order?"

Pat's King of Steaks!!! 

The eight pack!!! We have Pat's King of Steaks in the freezer! We have Cheez Whiz in the freezer!

Life is good. And the subs were just as delicious as we remembered them. The only thing missing was The Mothership... ROAD TRIP!

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