Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Baked Chicken Cutlets

I was going to fry the chicken cutlets tonight but this recipe is easier. There is no frying so wouldn't they be healthier?

Here is the original video for the recipe - watch the video.

I do not do the add lemon peel or do the lemon bath at the end. Why? Well lemon is not good for cats! There is a little gray cat who loves the chicken cutlet, but no breading!!! That is another cat no no.

Frank Pinello's Nonna's Chicken Cutlet Recipe -

1.   Mix eggs with Parmesan Cheese
2.   Mix bread crumbs, flour, pepper, Parmesan Cheese and parsley
3.   Coat baking pan with oil
4.   Toss chicken in a bowl with the egg/cheese
5.   Coat chicken with bread crumb mixture
6.   Place chicken in pan
7 .  Drizzle oil on top
8.   Heat oven to 350 and then raise temp to 450.
9.   Place tray in middle of oven
10. Mix lemon juice, parsley, pepper and oregano
11. Flip cutlets when they look like they do in the video (!!!)
12. Dip baked cutlets in lemon bath.

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