Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Italian Wedding Soup

Tonight I made a recipe that I saw on the Girlchef blog - Italian Wedding Soup. I am trying to refill our freezer. We lost a lot of food because of the power outage when Irene hit. I am attempting to make one big batch of soup a week so we can have a nice selection of soups in the freezer. So far I have Butternut Squash Soup. After today I also have Italian Wedding Soup. 3 bags of soup in the freezer. That's not counting what we had tonight!
The recipe says you should end up with 100 meatballs... okay I made mine a little bigger then they probably should have been, but they were so good! And I used kale for the green. I had a lot of kale that I did not use in the Pork and Beans dish for Saturday night.
Italian Wedding Soup is and shall always be one of my favorite soups. So what is my favorite soup?
My sister knows!

Right after I posted this entry I received the headline news from everywhere that Steve Jobs had passed away. I am typing on an Apple computer, I work on an Apple computer. I have an iPod and an iTouch. My husband has an Apple computer and my dad just got an Apple MiniMac. We have always been and shall always be an Apple family. Rest in peace Steve Jobs. Your were a true visionary and one of my heroes.

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