Saturday, October 1, 2011

Michael Symon's Pork and Beans

Have you seen The Chew? I always swore that if I was ever home during the day I would never watch The View. I did catch it once when I was home sick and it was a group of women cackling. I have no problem saying I was not a fan.
Then ABC goes and puts together the Chew. I am a fan of all the hosts, well I had not heard of Dr. Oz's daughter, but she seems fine. So yes I am DVR'ing the show.
I watched the first episode. And as I watched the first dish being prepared, Michael Symon's Pork and Beans,  I thought to myself that I have to make it. Pork on pork. It is a winner.
So the whole 5 minute thing went out the window quickly. I have this cat, Archie, who gets upset at loud sounds such as pounding meat with a meat mallet. So I butterflied the pork and popped a cover on it.  After that I followed the recipe from the site.
The flavors were wonderful. The kale was bitter and the sauce was sublime. And the beans, well I love cannellini beans served with anything.

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Anonymous said...

Pork and beans goes so well.Watch very little Tv but won't miss travelfood show of Bourdain or cooking show of my all time idol and favourite Rick Stein:)