Michael Symon's Pork and Beans

Have you seen The Chew? I always swore that if I was ever home during the day I would never watch The View. I did catch it once when I was home sick and it was a group of women cackling. I have no problem saying I was not a fan.
Then ABC goes and puts together the Chew. I am a fan of all the hosts, well I had not heard of Dr. Oz's daughter, but she seems fine. So yes I am DVR'ing the show.
I watched the first episode. And as I watched the first dish being prepared, Michael Symon's Pork and Beans,  I thought to myself that I have to make it. Pork on pork. It is a winner.
So the whole 5 minute thing went out the window quickly. I have this cat, Archie, who gets upset at loud sounds such as pounding meat with a meat mallet. So I butterflied the pork and popped a cover on it.  After that I followed the recipe from the site.
The flavors were wonderful. The kale was bitter and the sauce was sublime. And the beans, well I love cannellini beans served with anything.


Dzoli said…
Pork and beans goes so well.Watch very little Tv but won't miss travelfood show of Bourdain or cooking show of my all time idol and favourite Rick Stein:)