Friday, October 21, 2011

Risotto With Chicken and Arugula

Not just any Risotto, Low Maintenance Risotto. This was a combination of 2 recipe from the Real Simple site. I don't ever make risotto. I make Aborio rice as a side dish but not as risotto. Why? Time. But now it is quite quick and easy. I was able to make a cake while the risotto was cooking! The addition of the Chicken and Arugula came from another Real Simple recipe. Have you ever taken the meat off of a rotisserie chicken with a cat in the same room. Archie was barking at me for meat.
Anyway Chris loved this dish. It was really creamy and the arugula gave it a nice peppery taste.
Now about that cake.  My mom's Apple Cake. It's just the 4 Egg Cake with sliced apples and cinnamon on top. When I was growing up we had dessert every night. Right after dinner, even before the dishes were done. We don't eat like that anymore, except when we go out to eat. Sorry I digress... the cake looks perfect. I am bringing it over to my dad's tomorrow.

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