Cheeseburger Quiche

It was the best of dinners, it was the worst of dinners, it was a wise dinner choice, it was a foolish dinner choice... Sorry but I just wanted to say Happy 200th Birthday to Charles Dickens!

Dinner was quite good. I tore this recipe out of the October issue of Family Circle. It tasted just like a Cheeseburger from the Athenian Dinner... at 2 in the morning... after a night at Toad's... Heidi could you pass the ketchup!


Debi said…
Hahahahaaa! I love that post! So short and so good! The photo looks yummy. I'm coming off of 3 weeks of sickness (cough) and yes I finished all of my antibiotics! This post is making me get my appetite back. Though I do love that I fit into my small jeans now. Sigh... I've been quoting Dickens in reference to last was the worst of years it was the best of years. :)
Glad you are finishing your antibiotics!