Monday, December 31, 2012

Veal Ossobuco with Barley Risotto

Tonight we turn to page 169 in Lidia's Favorite Recipes and find Veal Ossobuco with Barley Risotto. Veal Ossobuco is one of my husband's favorite meals.

I have never cooked veal. I once saw a farm that had the pens the veal lived in, literally.
I just felt bad. But I was reading the recipe, it sounded easy enough, and it's not like I clubbed the animals myself and heck we ate smoked pork neck last night so I decided to make this for dinner.

Time consuming... a bit but once everything was in the pot it was left alone to simmer for an hour and a half. And the barley is made in advance so no standing over a stove stirring, not easy to do when you are holding a cocktail glass in the other hand.

The taste was amazing! Of course my favorite part was the marrow and the barley! The only thing we were not over the top about was the orange flavor. It was not bad but just did not think it was really necessary. And of course I added crushed red pepper to my dish!

Happy New Year!

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