Thursday, April 16, 2015

Beans with Pancetta and Onions

I thought we were having just leftover for dinner. I was surprised when Chris asked if he should have heated this dish up, as it was not a leftover. Yes this was suppose to be tonight's dinner but I was glad we had the leftovers because it would not have been enough on it's own. But that does not mean it was not a very tasty dish. On Palm Sunday one of the things my brother-in-law, Ralph, served was a dish similar to this. Chris loved it. He loved the beans. He loved the pancetta so I knew I had to make this for him. The beans were a smaller bean than a cannelini bean. I never used them before. The pancetta was cubed and browned in some olive oil. Diced onions were added and sauteed and then the beans and parsley were tossed in the pan. Quick and easy.


Unknown said...

I recently found your blog and it made me so nostalgic (and hungry)! I grew up in East Haven but have lived in Colorado for the last ten years, and there is not food like this here! Growing up my grandmother was a fantastic cook, and made many of the dishes you have posted here...I haven't had them in many years. Thanks for your blog, I feel like I found a slice of Connecticut!

Lucia said...

Andy thank you for visiting the blog. I hope you can try some of the recipes I have here. When you lived in East Haven were you a Tolli's or DePalma's person. We lived in East Haven for 11 years and liked DePalma's, probably because it was the first place we tried when we moved there. Of course Anniello's food was always amazing too!