Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chicken with Bacon and Leeks and a Rainy Day in the Kitchen

I do not even know where to start! Today the weather was rainy and windy. So I headed for the kitchen. Last night I started Jim Lahey's Olive Bread. I added chopped rosemary from the plant on the deck. I made Minestra for later in the week. Not one pot but two pots! I am stocking the freezer. I made a large pot of my Mom's Meat Sauce. I made a batch of Marcella Hazan's Tomato, Onion and Butter sauce using San Marzano Tomatoes from Bishop's Orchard. I made that Pasta Pie using last night's leftovers. I made a Frittatta, just vegetables.
I made Whole Wheat English Muffins and I baked the Olive and Rosemary Bread. I think I will sleep well tonight.
Dinner was an old favorite. Chicken with Bacon and Leeks. It was similar to a recipe from the restaurant where Chris and I. But I did not use heavy cream. Oh the chicken was so moist!
The side dishes were Aborio Rice and Olive Bread with Broccoli Rabe, Tomato and Burrata. Only problem was that I am the only one that likes Broccoli Rabe.

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