Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sausage, Eggs and Potatoes In Tomato Sauce

I am not sure where I even found the original recipe for tonight's dinner. Uova e patate pizzaiola. It might have been on Pinterest but I saw the photos, somewhere, and when I visited the sight it was written in Italian. So I made use of Google Translate. This was so good. The sauce was Amazing! First I sauteed a diced onion. Then I added a can of crushed tomatoes, seasoning it with oregano, salt and pepper. I had some Guy Fieri Mozzarella and Parmesan Cheese Sausage. That got sliced up and put in the pan. Oh I had some sauteed red peppers and onions from our Steak and Cheese Sandwiches and yes that too went into the pan. The potatoes were slices and boiled until just tender. They were drained and added to the pan. Next I poached 4 eggs in the sauce.  Covering the pan, that took about 10 minutes. Lastly I removed the cover and added slices of Grana Padano cheese. Comfort Food! Italian bread is required.

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