Saturday, May 28, 2016

Luciano's, Rahway, New Jersey

We are in New Jersey this weekend! More on why we are in New Jersey this weekend in tomorrow's post. Tonight we had dinner reservations at Luciano's in Rahway. The setting was perfect. Everything you would expect from an upscale Italian restaruant. The music that was playing when we walked in was Sinatra so the stage was set. The bar was beautiful. The drinks were delicious.
For dinner we started off with Mamma Maria's Meatballs. They were a steal for the price.

We also had the Grilled Moroccan Spiced Octopus. Or what could be called the best damn app we have had a very long time. Forgettabout fried or grilled Calamari, this is the winner. It was the type of dish that you don't forget the flavors or textures. It is something you want to have again.

I was going to have the Cavatelli con Salsiccia & Broccoli until I heard, "And tonight's special is Soft Shell Crab." So very glad I had the special. It was so good. The dish was served with an arugula salad covering the crab. That was not necessary. The crab was the star of the plate. And it was served with Vegetable Risotto.  So I had Arugula Salad, Sauted Soft Shell Crab and Vegetable Risotto. Or what I would call the trifecta!

 Chris had Sicilian Braised Short Ribs. The Short Ribs were braised in a Madeira-plum tomato sauce with seasonal root vegetables and creamy potato purée.

The wine selection was quite nice. We did not end up with what we picked but the one they selected was a good choice.

We will go back to Luciano's the next time we are the area.

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