Sunday, June 12, 2016

Just a little baking...

I honestly didn't think I would be in the kitchen as long as I was today. I am actually too tired to do this post but if I don't do in now it will never get done.

I have mentioned that I got the Italian Moms Cookbook Spreading Their Art to Every Table by Elisa Costantini. Didn't I? Well, I love it. The intro and the stories scattered through the book are wonderful.

Today I tried some recipes. First, I made the dough for the Pepper & Egg Stromboli and the Rustic Bread. The dough was magical. The texture was perfect. At the start of the book, Elisa Costantini mentions that she does not put serving sizes. All the bread in the photo at the top of this post was from these 2 recipes. I am so glad I have that freezer! I was on the phone with my sister and I peeked at the dough rising in the bowls and both were at the top of the bowl.

I ended up making four stromboli instead of the 2 in the recipe. Just 2 of us so we don't really need that much bread. And I had never made a stromboli before. I read the instructions in the book and tried one and but the dough ripped so I checked on YouTube to see if I was rolling the dough correctly. There was a completely different way in one of the videos, which I tried. But I went back to the preparation described in the book for the last 2, making sure I did not tear the dough.

Tonight we cut into the first one I tried to make. After the dough ripped I just made it into spiral and hoped that would hold. It did but when we cut into it the filling kind of disappeared. Note to self, next time double the filling.  The bread was good, just needed more stuff inside. We will see what the others are like.

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