Saturday, June 6, 2009

Car Shopping and Dinner

I am the owner of a Kia Soul. Love the car! Car shopping is exhausting. So we had to keep dinner simple. Drove the new car (!) to the grocery store and spend wow a lot for not that much... It was one of those times when I stuck to my list and did a double take when they said the total.
Anyway ended up having grilled pork chops which we marinated in Paul Newman's Lemon Pepper Marinade, Minute Rice and Green Giant Healthy Vision frozen vegetables. For dessert I picked up 2 pints of Ciao Bella Gelato, it was on sale on Big Y this week. I got the Key Lime Graham Cracker Gelato and the Blood Orange (Sicilian) Sorbetto. I had the Blood Orange which was very refreshing. And the flavor was just perfect. It was like eating a frozen Blood Orange...

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