Turkey Burgers!

A nice summer day. Warm and no rain. We were able to sit on the deck and enjoy the day.

Dinner on the grill, of course, was turkey burgers. Whole wheat rolls, red green leaf lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese and bacon. It was good. I had not had a turkey burger on the grill at home and it was not bad. The tomato was very good. We also finished up the tabbouleh salad left over from last night.


This to me looks like the perfect bbq plate. I'm a big turkey burger person and using the tabbouleh is a great light side. Nice one.
Kim said…
Your deck looks great for cookouts! Turkey burgers are a favorite at our house too. I bet they were great.
D said…
But what did you put in the burgers? Anything special? Details...details...

We had turkey burgers last night...Worcestershire, diced onion, egg, breadcrumbs, salt/pepper, garlic, okay so it's turkey meatloaf...but we grilled them and they got two thumbs up from my boys! :)

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