Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tilipia Piccata- Tuesday, June 23

First about that radish sandwich. I did google it to make sure my leg was not being pulled by someone at the farmer's market and there is such a thing. So I used Pittsfield Rye Berkshire bread from Big Y. I buttered the bread, sliced the radishes very thin, added salt and pack up my lunch bag. It was good. It was peppery and crunchy. It was also very light!

After a long day at work I could not even remember what I had planned for dinner. So I made the logical choice of stopping by Allegre Express. I picked up Crab Cakes for an appetizer and Chicken Parmesan for my husband and I had Tilipia Piccata. It was lightly fried in an egg batter and served with veggies and pasta. I cleaned my plate, after all that radish sandwich was on the light side.


Kim said...

I've seen Ina Garten serve those radish sandwiches before. They always looked yummy to me!! Tilapia piccata is new to looks really good. I've never heard of Allegre Express, but I'm in KY and we do without a lot of specialty type stores down here : )

Lucia from Madison said...

Luckily we have a few take-out places here. They are not really fast food. More like good food that you would make at home if you had the time.
Usually I have food pre made in the freezer but these last couple of weeks have been so busy. Looking forward to things slowing down just a bit.
Thanks for commenting on the blog!