Sunday, March 7, 2010

Escarole and Bean Pizza and Steak and Onion Pizza

Let me start off with the bread I made. New York Deli Rye bread from All I can say is wow! It took a few steps, mostly just rising time but wow.

Dinner was a Sunday night staple in our house. Homemade pizza. The crust is from My Bread by Jim Lahey. I made the dough a couple of weeks ago and froze it. One batch results in enough dough for 2 pies. Instead of one pie I split the dough in half again and made an Escarole and Bean Pizza and a Steak and Onion Pizza. For the Escarole and Bean I boiled the escarole in salted water until tender. Drained it and then sauteed it with olive oil and added the drained cannelini beans. Seasoned that with salt, pepper and crushed red pepper.

The Steak and Onion Pizza was made with Steak-ums and white onions. On both pies I used crushed San Marzano Tomatoes.

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