Sunday, November 29, 2009

Puff Pastry Tart with Sweet Potato, Pancetta and Scamorza

Again visited When I made the Tuscan Onion Confit I noticed a comment left by someone saying they used the confit with puff pastry. I had all the ingredients for that recipe except for the Scamorza.

As it turned out we were not fans of the Confit so I made the Pastry Tart with Sweet Potato, Pancetta and Scamorza. Now I had never used Scamorza before. What it is is a dried mozzarella cheese. It tasted just like the kind of mozz cheese they sell in the dairy case. It actually was creamier than the dairy case cheese, just a lot drier than the fresh mozz.

Anyway, this was quite a good dish. There are no leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

I also made a soup of just chicken broth and the Roasted Chicken Purses I had in the freezer. It reminded me of the cupalets (not sure of the spelling on that) that my sister Lenore makes for Christmas dinner. That is my favorite Christmas dish.

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Velva said...

Another great meal! If I bring a good bottle of wine, can I pull up a chair and join you for dinner? :-)

P.S. You asked bout the meat dish in my NYC post. The meat was pork belly.