Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bufalina - Wood Fired Pizza

I am trying to come up with words to describe tonight's dinner. Delicious keeps getting stuck in my head. We got dinner from Bufalina in Guilford, CT tonight. The owners are the authors of The Italian Farmer's Table: Authentic Recipes and Local Lore from Northern ItalyThe pizza shop is very cute. A few spots at the counter were full and the operation runs like a well oiled machine. They have not been open long but they seemed to be finely tuned. And the pizza... well did I mention delicious? 
 We had the Rossa which was tomato, oregano and crushed red pepper and the Porri which was caramelized leek, pancetta  and scamorza. Wow. The crust was crisp and had the flavor was very nice. Both pies disappeared quickly. Fortunately I also got the Arugula Salad. Wow the Cipollini onions were fantastic. And I do love shave pecorino.
So from someone who was raised on Zuppardi's Pizza in West Haven, then  Pepe's and Sally's and Modern in New Haven, and we can't leave out DePalma's in East Haven, I think this is a really good pie. And it seemed different from the other pies. I know this sounds corny but it tasted authentic. No grease just crisp bread with toppings.

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Anonymous said...

Wood fired pizza is the best:)