Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friends and Company and Jacques Pepin

Fried Calamari with Tomato Caper Sauce. Veal Saltimbocco wrapped in Prosciutto, Sage and Asiago Cheese over Spinach and Sun Dried Tomato Polenta with Madeira Sauce. Pork Chops and Apple Chutney with Honey Cranberry Butternut Squash. Doesn't that sound wonderful. Well it was quite wonderful. We ate at Friends and Company before going to see Jacques Pepin speak.
Jacques Pepin was promoting his latest cookbook, Essential Pepin. He has lived in Madison for over 30 years. Someone in the audience asked him what he thought of the food that is served in schools. He said 30 years ago he went to the school board and asked if he could show them how to make soup. They told him they were not interested. Could you imagine! He also said that you really don't need to spend more than $10 one a bottle of wine. Good to know.


Anonymous said...

He is definitely a great person to listen and follow;)

Debi said...

I love Jacques Pepin! So jealous!!!