Monday, October 10, 2011

Chicken with Bacon and Leeks

I met Chris when we were both working at a restaurant called Nancy Lee's. He was the bartender and I was a waitress. It was a small American bistro. The food was amazing. One of Nancy's dishes that I loved was Chicken with Bacon and Leeks. Nancy finished her's with cream... 20 some odd years later I am leaving out the cream.

Cut the chicken as if you are making scallopine. Dredge in flour. Heat butter and olive oil in saute pan and cook the chicken. Remove the chicken from the pan, keep warm. Add a little bit of oil and saute the leeks and bacon. Return the chicken to the pan. Add some white wine, season with salt and pepper, cover the pan and simmer for a couple of minutes.

For side dishes we had brown rice and steamed beans and carrots. The beans were picked today from my Dad's garden.


Anonymous said...

nothing like veggies from the garden.So fresh and tasty.And leeks are my favuorite;)

Mr. Bill said...

The Chicken dish sounds like it will be on my supper table too!! Thanks.