Monday, December 5, 2011

Chorizo, Chickpeas and a Grasshopper?

I love the Mark Bitman recipe for Chorizo and Chickpeas. His recipe calls for spinach.
I think it was the last time I made it that I added escarole and swiss chard instead. I recall liking the flavors better than the spinach so on Saturday I picked up Escarole and Swiss Chard. 
Sunday as I am thoroughly cleaning the Escarole, washing each leaf and trimming off the spine I come face to face with a grasshopper. Pause for a scream...
 Chris was not at home at the time so I managed to maneuever the rascal under a glass bowl. Pause for another scream. And sorry Dad but I did throw out the Escarole.
Back to dinner preparation, on the other side of the kitchen. The Swiss Chard was closely examined and washed and the finished dish was quite good.
Now back to the grasshopper. When Chris got home he put the little guy out on the deck (I did not give him a name).

Fast forward to Monday morning... Our little friend made it through the night.

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Closet Fashionista said...

Haha, such a cute grasshopper! I would have named him and kept him ;)