Friday, April 13, 2012

Bistecchina alla Napoletana

First Friday night after Easter means it's meat for dinner!
I found this recipe on a favorite blog of mine, Cooking with Guiseppe. Cooking with Guiseppe is were I can find recipes that look just like what a ate as a child. And I knew as soon as I saw the recipe that Chris would like this. And he did. We both did. As you can see by the photos I did not use mushrooms. One of us does not like mushrooms... no I will not name names. So I added zucchini in its place.

I went to the wine store and I was looking for a wine from Naples. Not easy to do. But at least the owner knew what I was looking for and would order some. I ended up getting a bottle of Fattoria di Basciano Chianti Rufina 2009 for $12. I know that Jacques Pepin said you don't need to spend over $10 for a good bottle of wine but what the heck it has been a long week.

And seeing it was Friday I made some Roasted Chickpeas. Perfect with that Vodka Gimlet.

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