Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of...

It has been that type of weekend. A lot of food memories. And shopping memories. I was out with my sister yesterday and I saw a dress that was so cute. My sister said that it was the type of dress my mom would have insisted on buying me. We were in another store and there was a shirt with pleats. We both said mom would have loved that!

Saturday I made my mom's Easter Meat Pie recipe. I actually double the recipe and ended up with 6 pies. I cut into one this morning and it took my breath away. It was just like my mom's.

Palm Sunday dinner was at my sister's house. She and her husband out did themselves.
We started with dandelion soup. I have mentioned many times on this blog that my sister makes the best chicken broth.
Next was Mary's Stuffed Artichokes. She has her mother's recipe down pat. Another good food memory.

Then we had a new entry... Ralph's Lasagna with Homemade Noodles. Forget about it. The meal could have stopped right there. Time could have stopped. If you are a regular reader you know my opinion about Homemade Pasta, last meal and all that. This melted in your mouth. But wait there is more.... he put hard boiled eggs in the lasagna! I have never had lasagna this good before, sorry to anyone else who has ever made lasagna but if you tasted this you'd agree. (Second favorite lasagna was the one my nephew made for Anna's First Communion, that was much lighter!)

Next was the Traditional Roasted Chicken Legs and Thighs with Potatoes. No Photo! Sorry but trust me it was really good. There were purple and red potatoes. And the chicken was so moist.

Dessert was my contribution. Limoncelllo Tiramisu. The recipe comes from Lidia's Italy and I found that recipe on If I ever go anywhere and I have to bring a dessert this is what I am bringing. This was perfect. It was easy to make. It was light and everyone went nuts over it.

And a note about the wine. New favorite -

So that was our Palm Sunday dinner. It is a dinner that is filled with memories from past years such as -
"Where's the white meat? What do you mean there is no white meat!"
"Yes I think we should call an ambulance"
After meeting my niece's boyfriend, "Really, not all holidays are like this"
Ah memories. Sorry Heidi I am not adding a Streisand sound track here.

What did we have for dinner a year ago...
Baked Cod Dijon

What did we have for dinner 2 years ago...
Turkey Cutlets with Rice and Vegetables


Velva said...

Cheers to your mom. I can't think of a better way to honor her than with great memories and food.

Tell me that you will convince Ralph to post his lasagna recipe-Yes?


Lucia from Madison said...

I will put in a request for it!

Unknown said...

This menu is amazing! So yummy!