Friday, June 21, 2013

Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza

One of the women I work with, Wendy, has been raving about Giordano's Deep Dish Pizza. I think she kept saying "The cheese, oh the cheese..." She has been suggesting that we place an order online for quite some time. Finally 4 of us ordered some pies. The pizzas arrived on Wednesday. The excitement was building.
The next day the reviews were in and another order was going to be placed. I still had not had our pizza. I ordered the Stuffed Sausage Pizza and the Stuffed Spinach Pizza.

Tonight we tried the Stuffed Sausage Pizza. 

It was my first time eating a Deep Dish Pizza.

What the? How much cheese is in this? This sauce is sooooo good! And the crust! Any regular visitor to this blog knows how I love crust. This crust was so perfectly crisp and light. And this was a frozen pizza! Amazing. Delicious. Fresh tasting. Can't wait to try the Spinach Pizza!

I had 2 pieces of this pizza and then a tiny slice from another piece. Could I have eaten 3 pieces? Yes but then there would be less for tomorrow!

And yes I will be ordering this again!

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