Friday, May 2, 2014

Minute Steak Stacks with Herbed Butter

Minute Steak Stacks with Herbed Butter was adapted from a recipe I found on the Food and Wine site. Their recipe called for an Anchovy and Herb butter. I am not an anchovy fan, and I don't think Chris is so I used a butter made up of parsley, marjoram and pepper. I toasted Italian bread and brushed the bread with some of the herbed butter. I cooked the steaks in a hot pan with canola oil, sauteing less than a minute per side and stacked them with slices of the herbed butter in between each slice of steak. It was good. It was very good. The seasoning in the butter was spot on. No leftovers... always a sign of a good dinner.
Side dishes were leftover baked macaroni, waste not want not, and frozen green beans. The leftover green beans will reappear in a salad next week... Stay tuned!

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