Friday, February 27, 2015

The Book Club, Nora Webster

Why do I go to a book club meeting where the food served is based on the book that we read and I do not take photos? Fill in your own answer because I can not find a good one. I had the camera/phone in my pocket. But then you start talking and enjoying the company and you leave and realize, "Damn I did not take any photos!"

Now that we are done with that...

This month's book was Nora Webster by Colm Toibin. It story was set in Ireland so we had an Irish dinner. Gretchen was the host and she put out an amazing spread. There were 2 or was it 3 different Irish Soda Breads. I think hers was the best. An Irish Bacon and Cabbage Soup that I will be making for Chris. Just delicious and who doesn't like bacon! Gretchen said that she added more salt and pepper and probably a few teaspoons of thyme and at least 4 cups of chicken broth. The broth was perfect for the freezing cold weather we have been dealing with.

There was some Cheese, which was from Ireland and Crackers and I know I am missing something else. Here is where a photo would have come been helpful.

Desserts looked delicious. (I gave up sweets for Lent) There was a Frangipane tart from Marjolaine Bakery. There was fresh fruit (that's what I had!). And I made my first batch of Gluten Free cookies. Flourless Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. I used Sunflower Butter instead of the Almond Butter and my cookies looked like Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies. Not sure why but everyone said the tasted fine! Yeah no photos....

Thank you Gretchen for a wonderfully delicious book club meeting!

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