Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Play on words. I have not posted in a couple of days so I must catch up... I know it is weak. Let see the last time I blogged I left off with a teaser. That was a photo of homemade hamburger rolls. Yes I made hamburger rolls. Have you read what is in that bag of rolls you get at the grocery store. I think we should try to reduce the amount of processed foods we eat. Back to dinner. Sunday we were planning on having burgers. Well let me tell you about New England weather. If you wait a few minutes it will usually change. But alas on Sunday it was getting cloudier by the minute until it was very close to supper time and the rain came. What will we do? Have no fear I bought cold cuts! The rolls were the perfect vessels for the sliced meats. I also picked up artichoke relish. That's right, artichoke relish. It is my new favorite sandwich topping. Besides making the rolls I made a cole slaw recipe that I saw on smittenkitchen.com. The recipe called for cabbage but I used a bag of broccoli slaw. And fortunately my husband ate a serving and than asked what I used and I had to tell the truth. He hates broccoli but he did have seconds!

Now it is Tuesday! And my weekly menu has been tossed out the window. One of us was feeling under the weather today and one of us had to work late. Quite the dilemma. Not it you have a store called Allegra Express in your town. Allegra Express part of the Cafe Allegra restuarant. Those of you who have seen my profile on Foodbuzz.com know it is my favorite restaurant. So I purchased two containers of Chicken Noodle Soup and one container of Roasted Red Pepper Salad. I had half a loaf of the Pain de Campagne (Country Bread) and we are talking about a pepper sandwich that was so good I almost made another one.

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