Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nori Wrap, Pork Ribs and a Damn Good Meat Sauce

Well today I think I covered all the bases. This week Shop Rite had ribs on sale. My dad, who is 92, could not pass up this bargain. Then I get the call, "How can I cook these?"

So I went over to his house to cook the ribs. My sister was there and I told her I would pick up lunch at this place I heard about at the Farmer's Market last week, Catch a Healthy Habit Cafe in downtown West Haven. Great idea. The food was tasty. The guy behind the counter was really nice and informative. He was interesting and interested in my experience with raw food. More important my dad seemed to enjoy the food! (or at least he acted like he did)

So the ribs were next. I found this recipe online, BBQ Pork Ribs. Easy enough to make. The sauced tasted good and they looked and smelled good. Just not sure how they tasted... Reviews are pending.

Not to bore you with the details of how it happened but I ended up with a container of my sister's meat sauce and meatballs. My sister makes her husband's mother's recipe. I have always said that my mom was the best cook ever. But a close runner up would be my brother-in-law's mother. Boy could she cook and her sauce! I remember the first time I had pork skin in sauce. Oh my God it was so good. Anyway tonight we had my sister's version of her sauce with meatballs. What a delicious meal. The meatballs were perfect and the sauce was as good as her mother-in-law's.
I have requested the recipe and will post it.

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