Shepherd's Pie

It was a choice between Meatloaf and Shepherd's Pie. The deciding factor... the number of dishes that would have to be washed. Ground beef, onions, frozen vegetables and mashed potatoes. Perfect pre-blizzard meal.


Pegasuslegend said…
my sons this sounds fantastic!
Rosemary said…
Is a blizzard coming? I better get cooking. I was going to try a shepherd's pie with sweet potatoes.
I love this stuff. Comfort in a dutch oven. Can't beat it!
Velva said…
I love Shepherd's Pie. You made the right choice.

Is it cold outside or what? If we are going to have this kind of nasty, wet freezing weather, the least it could to do, would be to snow. I think Tallahassee needs a snow day.

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