Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hunter-Style Chicken

This evening I went to a cooking demonstration at Quattros in Guilford. For $40 the chef demonstrated the preparation of a Stuffed Shrimp appetizer, Gnocchi with Vodka Sauce, Tilapia Florentine and Vanilla Crepes. He prepared each meal at a large table with all of us gathered around and then we were served each dish. Just to see how he made the gnocchi was worth the price. Interestingly he uses a recipe very close to the one I use. which uses baked potatoes! Anyway more on that when I prepare the dishes for Chris.

Meanwhile, Chris was home this evening with a pan of Hunter-Style Chicken. And guess where the recipe was from.... La Cucina. I had made this back in January. There are 3 versions of this recipe but we both loved this one so at some point I will try the other two.

I think a pink nosed kitty would like to try some of that chicken!

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