Grilled Sirloin Steak with Zucchini, Rice and Sauteed Kohlrabi

The steaks were on sale at Whole Foods this week. I picked up 4 and froze 2 but ended up freezing the third because they were way too big for one person to eat. We split one and had some leftover... at least I think there is some leftovers.
Chris took care of the grilling so the steak and the zucchini were perfect. I made a lot of Arborio rice so there would be some left over to make Rice Balls!

Now about the Kohlrabi. I got it from Debi from Sh*t My Five Year Old Says. I had never eaten Kohlrabi before. So I did the obvious thing which was to Google it. I came upon this link for Sauteed Kohlrabi from the New York Times. I needed to add a little more salt and pepper but I liked it. The taste was similar to an artichoke heart.


Debi said…
Well it looks great! Did Chris like it? Dennis and Jack surprisingly did not mind it. You can also slice it paper thin and sautee it for just a few minutes in olive oil. Sort of like handling a potato, with regards to cook time. I have one more bulb to use up!

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