Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sea Scallops with Zucchini

It's 5:30 on a Friday night, yes it is raining, and I ask myself,"What the hell am I making for dinner?"

No need to fear we have zucchini! And yellow squash. And scallops in the freezer! An hour later, after the scallops have thawed according the the instructions on the bag, I proceed.

It is the usual preparation, saute the veggies in a little olive oil. Season them with salt, pepper and fresh parsley and thyme. Remove them from the pan and add a bit more oil and then saute the scallops. I am not sure if Chef Ramsay would approve of the scallops but they were cooked through. I just wish I was able to sear them better... Maybe next time...


Debi said...

Scallops are a super fave of mine too. I don't make them at home very often. I'll give it a try this week! Good luck tomorrow. Not sure if we'll be in NH or not! :)

Lucia said...

Thanks Debi! Looking forward to tomorrow... At least I am in the top 5!