Monday, July 12, 2010

"Look to the Cookie"

Wow! Forget what we had for dinner.

Well wait a minute. Dinner was quite tasty. Grilled meatballs and an awesome Greek Pasta Salad.

Okay enough about that... I entered my mom's Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe in a Top Cookie Contest at a local coffee shop, Koffee, and my mom's recipe was selected to be in the top 5 recipes! I am going to be in the running for bragging rights to having the Top Cookie. I never thought I was a competitive person but my mom's recipe is at stake.
Who could the other 5 be? What if I am up against a Pignoli cookie! Chocolate Chip vs. Pignoli. I would be torn. All I know is my mom would be tickled pink.

The next question is what do you wear to a bake off? My lucky apron of course. And yes I have a lucky apron.

The title of this entry is from Seinfeld, Season 5 Episode 13, The Dinner Party.

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